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Another blog post by WebEntrepreneur where we discuss and help entrepreneurs find the right tools, such as the right WordPress hosting platform, WP Engine to launch their business and be successful on the web.

One thing that I want to talk today is WPEngine. The reason that I highly recommend WP Engine is that it’s really sophisticated and professional WordPress hosting platform and there’s a lot of alternatives. When I was at the Word Camp 2014 at Sofia, I for example met Pressidium and there was even a he is a German host. But the truth is I’ve been working with WP Engine as a  WordPress hosting platform for almost 6 months now and there’s three things that I want to talk about in using it as a platform for  WordPress hosting.

So number 1 is, I think they have a really nice staging platform for WordPress hosting. With one click, upload your whole website including the database and the FTP files on the second host and play around with your files, do whatever you want. Hosting WordPress using WPEngine can help you make the changes that you want and test it out and then when you’re done with the testing, you move all your files and your database back to the live site and it will just replaced with 1 click. So it would be nice if you want to play around with your development team and don’t create things on the live site.

wordpressThe second thing that I like about WPEngine as a WordPress hosting platform is that the CDN network that they have. So basically with just 1 click they will use cashing, they will use CDNs and it will just make your site really fast and I tested it and it’s very easy to reduce the speed on the site by 20 to 30 percent just by activating the CDN features.

And the third reason why I think they’re really great in WordPress hosting  is that they have a nice support. They’re usually online with their live chat and if not, you can send them a message with a form and they usually respond from like 1 to 2 hours and I think they are really friendly.

These are the top 3 reasons why I highly suggest the WPEngine as the platform for WordPress hosting. And if you’re looking for a professional WordPress hosting platform without a long term contract and you just want to have a stress free solution, I highly recommend to give WP Engine  a try.

If you have any questions for having WPEngine for WordPress hosting, just leave them in the comment box and me and the whole Chimbaweb team are more than happy to help you and discuss your specific needs.

To know more about WPEngine as a WordPress hosting platform and try it yourself, give WPEngine a try.

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Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of WP Engine for WordPress hosting platform and we send a lot of customers over there so when you register through us, we actually get paid a commission but of course your own rate won’t change and we highly appreciate if you drop us a message once you register through that and we would gladly help you add some more cool features for your WordPress sites.

Thank you very much!

Written by: Orvi Magno
Spoken by: Hamed Farhadian

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