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In this post, I am going to review WixStores, the online store builder by and tell you why I think it’s definitely worth a try. In the past couple of weeks, I was asked by many entrepreneurs and startup founders about easy and comfortable cloud-based e-commerce platforms.

What is exactly is WixStores by
In short: WixStores is the e-commerce website builder by, which allows you to easily sell products online. What stands out is the fact that it is extremely easy to setup and at the same time offers many features and add ons that you would usually need to a hire a developer for. You can build a complete online store within minutes and through its many options, addons and themes, you can customize your online shop to match your cooperate identity and needs.


Online Store Features   Wix.comWhich features I liked most:

  • being able to easily manage stock or inventory
  • simple coupon management
  • product collections
  • selecting the appropriate payment methods
  • set up custom shipping and tax rules
  • mobile responsive shop
  • 100s of beautiful themes
  • and many more… I won’t list them all here 😉

Create an eCommerce Website   Online Store Builder



What I really enjoyed using is their App Market, which feels a bit like WordPress plugins. Basically, they have all the most important features one would need, from PayPal integration ( so you can accept payments ) to Forms ( so people can send requests ).

I have tested their solution in FireFox and Chrome (both latest version ) and they work like a charm. You might have a short lag ( 1-2 seconds ) when you are on a slow connection, but usually, it feels like a super responsive native app running on your computer (I used Windows only though ).

Most people starting to build their own online store really do think that all e-commerce platforms take a big cut from the actual sales, just like Amazon Marketplace or Ebay.
Wix is a bit different here as they do not take a percentage of your sales, but charge a fixed monthly fee.
You should really check out their pricing page as they charge LESS than a shared hosting package, where you would usually host your own shop solution.

My opinion about WixStores:
I am really impressed. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a complete online shop with actual products and look as professional as the big players. They offer many languages ( I tried german and it looked perfect ), offer many add ons ( I tried the hotel booking app that allows use to move away from Airbnb and rent out places yourself directly ) and besides that, everything is super fast and responsive.
If you are interested to try out, just leave a comment and I will email a special voucher code for my valued readers.
Let me know your thoughts about If you have questions about it, I am here to help.
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