Review of Aerobis Health Functional and Bodyweight Training

If I had to write in once sentence what Aerobis is: Aerobis is a company that not only creates you the right mobile equipment for functional and bodyweight Training, but they also educate you and train you to properly use their equipment to get the best possible outcome.

Of course, there are much more things behind that, so allow me to properly explain you who they are, where they are, what they offer and how good they accomplish that.

I am not going to review all of their products because their number is very big, and I am pretty sure that their specialized team is ten times more capable of doing that from me.

Why should I pick Aerobis for my Functional and bodyweight training?

functional_and_bodyweight_trainingAerobis company is focusing on the mobile training, which is right to the point. We all want to train and exercise our bodies, without going to the gym or to specific areas. The quickest way is to train inside your house and Aerobis equipment does exactly that.

Their equipment is not complicated, they allow you to perform multiple exercises from the comfort of your house.

Providing proper equipment for functional and bodyweight training, does not only requires to have a production line and a few schematics, those equipment must be tested and used from real professionals. The Aerobis team has an Education & Training specialist (Actually a whole team), who is responsible for the quality test of all those equipment.

They have a very large variety of functional and bodyweight training equipment, that are ideal from a simple home user to a large gym.

A short list of their products is:

  1. Fitness Equipment
  2. Gym Equipment
  3. Built by Aerobis Equipment
  4. Workshops
  5. Gear
  6. Nutrition
  7. Training on Aerobis Equipment
  8. Planning, Design and Installation
  9. and much more

Aerobis is a one stop destination if you want to exercise at your house or fully equip your gym!

Top Functional and Bodyweight training equipment by Aerobis





Blackthorn Equipment:






There are multiple variation of each product, so I highly suggest to Contact Aerobis before any purchase. They are highly train and educated and they will be able to suggest you their best equipment specially for your situation.

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