Interview with Andrew Georgakopoulos, Co-Founder of Pressidum

WebEntrepreneur.WS would like to share with you an interview with Andrew Georgakopoulos, the co founder of the upcoming WordPress web hosting platform to watch for, Pressidium.

Andrew shared how the Pressidium platform can help entrepreneurs and how it is different from other WordPress web hosting platforms out there. He also shared some of his tips for fellow webentrepreneurs in achieving success.



Orvi: Hi Andrew.  It’s a real pleasure having this chat interview with you. First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Sure, I’m Andrew Georgakopoulos and I am one of the co-founders of Pressidium, a high tech start-up dedicated to Managed WordPress Hosting

Orvi: Tell me about Pressidium. For those who still don’t know, what is Pressidium?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Well Pressidium is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, designed from the ground-up to be highly available and scalable (with no single point of failure). Pressidium® offers fast, robust, scalable and secure Premium Managed WordPress Hosting.

Our platform is built specifically to host professional WordPress sites by using webscale technologies and systems specifically optimized to deliver incredible speed, unparalleled availability and uptime and it offers an amazing amount of control via our custom built web based UI, so that at a touch of a button our users can experience great features, like instant backups, staging sites and so many more

Orvi: Fantastic! Most of our audience are web entrepreneurs. How do you think Pressidium can help them?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: That’s a great question. Most people today struggle with their hosting, they have to manage their CMS, they have to deal with security, they have to make sure that their software is up to date and if their site get’s popular they have to scale their infrastructure to meet demand. All this is usually too much for an entrepreneur and will often lead to significant downtime of their site (at the worst possible time). Pressidium solves all this, our platform & service transparently handles all the security & scalability issues so you don’t have too, and in the event that a issue is experienced our team will handle it for you. In a nutshell our fully managed WordPress platform and beautiful management portal allows you to concentrate on your content without worrying about your website, everything else is left up to us – totally hassle free.

One of the great things about our design is our scale-out architecture, most conventional webhosts concentrate only on bulk, that means that they will put as many as 2000 (or even more) websites on one single pc-like server (really inferior hardware). Our concept is entirely different, we focus on our customer’s site performance not bulk. Each website is hosted in a grid or array of server farms, in a tiered architecture. This design comes from real time mission critical environments (like the telco industry, stock-market or even NASA), were everything is redundant and capacity can be increased by simply adding more nodes to the teir that needs it. Here is a high-level overview of our unique to webhosts design:


 and the really cool thing about the above is our ground breaking pricing, to build the architecture above you would need to spend quite a few thousand $ per month, we have managed to offer these features at down-to earth economical plans that entrepreneurs can afford.

Orvi: So you are aiming for affordability and hassle free. That is really good! There are already many web hosting sites today. How is Pressidium different?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Well Pressidium is different in that we believe it is the most reliable & secure WordPress hosting platform on the planet. If you look at our Availability, Speed, Security and Management features and compare them to other host’s you will quickly find that we are the only to offer all these features from the very first plan (starting at $17.90), while the competition will start in the hundreds per mo. I guess that is the biggest difference. Of-course the competition is also not clear about it’s design, almost no-one will explain in-detail their architecture and how they can manage to deliver on their SLA. This as a matter of principle for us is not acceptable, we are fully transparent and very proud of our architecture, we will back our promise to provide availability & security – no bullshit.

Orvi: Sounds really interesting. Tell us about the team that developed Pressidium. How did you came up with the idea of creating it?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Sure, one of the unique things about our team, as that all co-founders (four of us) where engineers all with over 10 years experience in a large ISP/Telecom. We all actively applied the use of opensource in our engineering & development projects and had to make enterprise grade solutions for business-critical services. The experience gained here is too valuable to mention, since innovating and building solutions for such a demanding environment (imagine if your telephone didn’t work, or when your dsl goes down) gave us the know-how to apply these solutions to the web industry, which is now mission-critical also, since in today’s electronic economy no one can afford to have a slow website, or their website being hacked etc. It is our mission to push the bar higher here, and offer enterprise grade quality along with edge technology to everyone, not only to those who have the bucks.

Orvi: With that mission, it can surely change the world! For those who are already interested in your web hosting services, how can they have access and use it?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Oh, well thats a great question. It’s really simple, all they have to do is visit our website at and sign-up. In minutes if not seconds their account will be provisioned and they will have access to the Pressidium Portal where they can get started deploying their website straight away! And did I mention free migrations?, we will handle the whole migration process for you, if you already have a site hosted somewhere else. All you need to do is open a support ticket and we will take it from there – again totally care-free”.

Orvi: Awesome! Lastly… You’re obviously one of the webentreprneurs that many would also love to follow, do you have any tips especially for those who are still starting their business online?

Andrew Georgakopoulos: Yes! Release early! time-to-market is crucial! As you will quickly discover your burn-rate will decide how long your start-up has to live, so in my humble opinion, the earlier you are able to commercialize the more of a chance you will have to gain traction, attract funding and turn to profitability. Everyone I guess wants to make a perfect product, but it is important to also keep in-mind that the market will not wait for you while you achieve perfection and someone else will come along to fill the gap, so it is imperative that you reach a balance and that you ship ship ship, before someone else does.

Orvi: Fantastic! Really honored to have this interview with you Andrew. Thank you very much.

Andrew Georgakopoulos: It has been awesome Orvi.


To learn more about Pressidium, go to

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