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About You
Who are you?
Matt May UpdraftPlusMatt May
Who are you? Don’t be afraid to tell us a little secret about you as a person 😉
I’m a gym-obsessed, football-fanatic, wrestling-loving, pokemon-training, digital marketing professional based in Cardiff, Wales.
3 words that describe you the best
  • Innovative, determined & creative.
What would you say that you are really good at?
As a brand and online marketing strategist I’m extremely goal-orientated and results-driven with proven ability to plan, develop and execute integrated marketing initiatives to drive both engagement and sales. I have the ability to think outside the box of traditional marketing channels to inspire, influence and drive consumer behaviour.I have experience in leading the development and implementation of cross channel marketing strategy including website optimisation, SEO and content marketing, social media strategy and email marketing, video creation and strategy, PPC and new and emerging digital channels to drive marketing objectives.
Your Startup / Company
What’s the name of your startup / company?
How would you categorize it?
  • Cyber Security Startup
What’s your title there?
Digital Marketing Manager
What’s the URL?
Describe your product/startup in 100 words or less:
As of July 22nd, WordPress.Org is now reporting 500,000+ active installs for UpdraftPlus (up from 400,000+; WordPress.Org only reports installs to 1 significant figure).That places UpdraftPlus in an elite group of only 28 WordPress plugins. We’ve added the extra 100,000 net sites in slightly over 4 months. i.e. Currently, an average of approximately 1,000 more WordPress sites have UpdraftPlus installed and active at the end of each passing day… and hence we are also the fastest growing WordPress backup plugin (no other backup plugin has matched this rate).

We’re not planning to sit around congratulating ourselves about this – we have a list of things we’d like to do longer than our arms. Half a million is great…. but why not a full million? 14 other plugins have so far achieved that, so let’s make UpdraftPlus the first backup plugin to join them! Next up as we attempt to extend our lead is UpdraftPlus Vault, about which we’re very excited – planned to land at the start of August.

Your Recommendations
3 blogs you read every day
  • Elegant Themes
  • WPMU Dev
  • WP Beginner
3 mobile apps you downloaded lately
3 books that you read lately
  • Growth Hacker
  • The Lean Start-up
3 events / meetups / conferences you visited lately
A Facebook event for local reach
Digital Wales 2015
3 web apps / startups that you fell in love lately
What’s the quote you live by?
An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.
How do you keep yourself organized?
I use excel/numbers A LOT! I also make use of an editorial calendar to stay on top of regularly publishing content. Trello is a tool I’ve found extremely useful over time.
How do you adapt to a new working environment?
An article / blog post that inspired you lately
What was the last project you were working on?
What was the biggest challenge in your life? How did you manage to solve it?
How does a typical work day look like?
What are your biggest accomplishments?
In my professional life my biggest achievement is making UpdraftPlus one of just 28 WordPress plugins, and the first in it’s category (backups), to reach 500,000+ active installs.
What’s the best way to contact you?
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