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About You
Who are you?
Jon Savitt
Who are you? Don’t be afraid to tell us a little secret about you as a person 😉
At first glance I’m a twenty-something who enjoys guacamole and speaks sarcasm as a native language. A little deeper and you’ll realize I’m an untraditional entrepreneur who is constantly trying to be part of the next “big thing.”With a background of Psychology, Journalism, and Marketing (Go Hoosiers), at 23, I have worked with various start-ups and small businesses on brand development, social media strategy, content building, and more. As a writer, I have also contributed writing to some of the largest online publications such as MTV, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, BuzzFeed, and Funny or Die. Currently, in addition to my writing and other projects, I act as the Marketing Director at a local non-profit in Minneapolis, MN (Herzl Camp). I would also like to point out that, although I am young, I have tried every flavor of Pop-Tarts.I strive to wake up each day with a positive attitude, a hunger for accomplishment, and a willingness to learn and become a better person.
3 words that describe you the best
  • Enterprising
  • Lively
  • Trustworthy
What would you say that you are really good at?
Writing; Social Media; Content Development; Song Lyric Memorization
Your Startup / Company
What’s the name of your startup / company?
Jon Savitt (Self-Starter)
How would you categorize it?
  • Media/Entertainment Startup
  • Marketing Startup
  • Internet of Things Startup
What’s your title there?
What’s the URL?
Your Recommendations
3 blogs you read every day
  • AdFreak
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Everyday Sociology
3 books that you read lately
  • The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)
  • Brainfluence (Roger Dooley)
  • The Sociological Imagination (C. Wright Mills)
3 web apps / startups that you fell in love lately
  • ThinkUp
  • Charlie
  • Civic Eagle
What’s the quote you live by?
“Eat ice cream, be nice to people”
How do you keep yourself organized?
I find it is crucial to stay organized. In terms of cognitive resources it gives me so much more energy to think about my work rather than stressing about remembering what to do and when to do it. I use checklists, calendars, phone notifications, whatever I have to do.
How do you adapt to a new working environment?
Many times in life I have found myself in challenging, new, less than comfortable situations and environments. Being introduced to a new working environment is a commonality that many will go through – and it can definitely be intimidating. Personally, I tend to throw myself right in to the culture. My mindset is that if I can form relationships with other employees as well as buy into the company’s values and mission, then I am in a much better place to allow myself to be successful and to do great work.I have had moments (when I was younger) where I was much more reserved in new environments and it took longer for me to assimilate and as a result I felt as though my work suffered because I never truly felt comfortable as far as taking risks, making mistakes, asking for help, thinking outside of the box, etc.
An article / blog post that inspired you lately
How does a typical work day look like?
No such thing. Usually, social media, reading up on the latest trends, and an attempt to be athletic will be involved. But it often varies. Some days I’ll spend hours working on a single project, others I will spend by taking meetings and participating in webinars and discussions, it is all dependent on what needs to get done.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
– Writing for MTV/Huffington Post
– Cover story in St. Louis Park Magazine
– Aaron Carter following me on Twitter
– Invited to go backstage on Good Morning America
– The nap I took the other day
– America’s Funniest Humor Showcase (Honorable Mention)
(952) 297-6445
What’s the best way to contact you?
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