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About You
Who are you?
Alexandar AlexiewAlexandar Alexiew
Who are you? Don’t be afraid to tell us a little secret about you as a person 😉
I’m Alex. I live in Vienna, Austria, but I am originally from Bulgaria. Together with my CoFounders, I moved to San Francisco to work on our StartUp “”. I am an internet fanatic obsessed with automation, mobility, and time. Deep down I really want to be an artist and do installations and scluptures with running water.
3 words that describe you the best
  • Business Artist Entrepreneur
What would you say that you are really good at?
Finding new opportunities to create new markets instead of trying to fight over marketshare on the existing market.
Your Startup / Company
What’s the name of your startup / company?
How would you categorize it?
  • E-Commerce Startup
  • Marketing Startup
  • Share Economy Startup
What’s your title there?
What’s the URL?
Describe your product/startup in 100 words or less:
We provide our users with the opportunity to try out awesome products under real life conditions and share their experience. At the end of the test period, testers do not need to return the items, but have to pass them on to the next user to try. On the other side, we offer producers a faster way to market than anybody else. Instead of wasting time and money negotiating with retailers, we put their products directly into the hands of our community. While doing so, we collect, aggregate, and publish user feedback and authentic product reviews, which builds brand awareness and creates genuine word ouf mouth advertising.
Your Recommendations
3 blogs you read every day
3 mobile apps you downloaded lately
  • Number26
  • Dvel
  • CityMaps2Go
3 books that you read lately
  • 7 Habbits of highly successful people
  • The lean StartUp
  • The 4 hour workweek.
3 events / meetups / conferences you visited lately
  • Pioneers Festival
  • Start Summit
  • Entrepreneurship Avenue
3 web apps / startups that you fell in love lately
  • Number26
What’s the quote you live by?
How do you keep yourself organized?
I try to do important things as early in the day as possible.
How do you adapt to a new working environment?
Sufficient hydration.
An article / blog post that inspired you lately
What was the last project you were working on? – Express deliveries for the city of Vienna. Founder, Manager, IT & Marketing, Key Account Manager
What was the biggest challenge in your life? How did you manage to solve it?
I am the biggest challenge in my life. I have not managed to solve that yet.
How does a typical work day look like?
Chaos, uncertainty, fear, and inspiration.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
I quit smoking
What’s the best way to contact you?
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