Interview with Alaa Ameen, Event Faciliator at The Cribb, Dubai

We managed to get an interview with the Event Faciliator at the Cribb, Alaa Ameen. Her exact title is “Cribb Coordinator – Innovation 360” and she is a bright example that all Web Entrepreneurs should follow.

Interview with Alaa Ameen

Bellow you can see a brief summary of what we have talked about, what applications and tools Alaa is using and what are her accomplishments until now.

The Cribb - Alaa AmeenWe highly recommend to read more about Alaa Ameen from the Linkedin account and you will also have the chance to connect with her.

From 2014, Alaa is working on the The Cribb.

The Cribb is i360accelerator’s space where creative and innovative startups will embark on the start of their entrepreneurial journey, combining the benefits of seed funding, mentorship, events, and co-working.“. You can read more from HERE.

Contact details of Alaa Ameen

(050) 429-3559
What’s the best way to contact you?
3 books that you recommend:
  • The communication course – Fredrick dodson
  • The accidental marketer – By Tom Spitale & Mary Abbazia
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
3 words that describe you the best:
  • Open to learning
  • Friendly
  • Determined
3 web apps you use for your projects:
  • Google Docs
3 blogs you read every day:
3 smartphone apps you can’t live without:
  • google drive
  • feedly
  • Audible
Tell us about your current startup:
Currently I work @ The Cribb. It’s in my intention to start a business one day.I’m working here around startups to keep myself inspired and up to date.

i360acceleratorAlaa Ameen and the Cribb, helps new entrepreneurs to present their idea, and transform it to a reality.

They will help you to learn the fundamentals of creating an innovative startup business and making it a success. Do be more specific (I am copying their words exactly) ‘We provide “been there, done that” wisdom from experienced mentors. Plus, we offer funding (in most cases), an energizing space to work, and all the services you need to get your startup rolling. All of this in exchange for a small amount of equity.‘.

If you have any questions for Alaa Ameen, you can either post it to our comments area or connect directly with her through Linkedin!

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