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About You
Who are you?

Nils Löwe

Who are you? Don’t be afraid to tell us a little secret about you as a person 😉
I’m a software developer, entrepreneur and father of a 1 1/2 year old son.
3 words that describe you the best
  • Optimism, Realism, Ideas
What would you say that you are really good at?
I like to make things happen. I build software and I like to build businesses. I try to find the real customer need before I start anything.
Your Startup / Company
What’s the name of your startup / company?
Startups help Startups
How would you categorize it?
  • Share Economy Startup
What’s your title there?
What’s the URL?
Describe your product/startup in 100 words or less:
We all have great ideas. We all have our skills and areas of expertise. None of us can perform all tasks equally well. Let’s help each other build great startups.We share our expertise in building startups. We use “help points” to trade small work packages. That doesn’t mean that we build another freelancer / project platform, it’s all about the small feedbacks, favors and tasks you wouldn’t hire a professional in an early stage.
Your Recommendations
3 blogs you read every day
  • signal to noise
  • zen habits
3 mobile apps you downloaded lately
  • Mailchimp App
  • Piwik App
  • ebay Kleinanzeigen (germany)
3 books that you read lately
  • Ingenious
  • Design for Hackers
  • The art of the start
3 events / meetups / conferences you visited lately
  • the pulse
  • Hamburg blogger Stammtisch
3 web apps / startups that you fell in love lately
  • Mailchimp
  • Canva
What’s the quote you live by?
By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it
How do you keep yourself organized?
Basecamp for all stuff I share with others.
Two pin-boards. One for the weeks tasks and one for the day
A whiteboard for project planning
A book with a calendar, and two notebooks (tasks + bullet journal)
A box full of little cards for my personal backlog
A “tickler” file for future tasks (the idea is from “getting things done”)
How do you adapt to a new working environment?
I try to avoid it 😉
What was the last project you were working on?
My own startup: the proofler
I’m one of the four founders, software developer and CEO
What was the biggest challenge in your life? How did you manage to solve it?
Starting and running my own company while having a newborn son
How does a typical work day look like?
Get up at 4:30
Start work at 5:00
Waking up my son at 7:00
Continue work at 9:00
Getting most things done until 12:30
Free for family the afternoon
Meetups, workshops or meetings on some evenings
What are your biggest accomplishments?
don’t give up and never hide 😉
What’s the best way to contact you?
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