guest blogging opportunities

First Stop: Istanbul

I want to post regularly about my journey through the Middle East. Meet Startups, Entrepreneurs and Expert. Do you have suggestions? Recommendations? Let’s do this! Share...

guest blogging opportunities

Is GoSquared Down?

Yes, it is. You can check : We're currently investigating issues with tracking #fault — GoSquared Status (@GoSquaredStatus) August 28, 2014 Share this:FacebookGoogleTwitterPrint


30 Minutes of your Day!

Avoiding and postponing things/tasks/talks/obligations or anything else that life bring us, is never good. This is how I changed my mentality and it helped!

Chimbaweb principles

The ChimbaWeb Principles

These are some of the principles of ChimbaWeb that will give you an orientation on what's important for us and what we value. Efficiency, Effectivity, Responsibility and Clear communication...