Should I get an iPad if I have a Macbook and iPhone?

I have been considering whether or not I should get an iPad for a while now. I mean, I already have a Macbook and an iPhone; what else could I possibly need? But I’ve come across a few situations where having an iPad would have been – although not necessary – quite helpful.

I absolutely love my MacBook. The number one reason? It’s reliable! There are no frozen screens when trying to use more than one application. I don’t get the “blue screen of death.” I don’t have to reboot and start over in the awful safe mode. And (my favorite) – no viruses! Although I must admit it comes with a price: a not-so-friendly price tag, at that, but to me it was worth it. It definitely pays for itself in terms of not having to get a new computer every 3 to 5 years, paying for tech shop services, or buying yearly virus updates.


I love my iPhone just as much (if not more). It is my lifeline. (As sad as that may sound, I have absolutely no idea how I would get through the day without it.) My phone holds all of my contacts, favorite blackjack online priceless pictures, and apps that increase all aspects of my life from health to recreation.
The one download that was reported about the iPad is that there is still no availability to use Adobe Flash Player. The average answer for its use among users is that it is good for watching movies and playing games. Both the iPhone and Macbook allow me to work, watch movies, and play games. The MacBook is sleek but heavy and not very portable. The iPad has been rated high for its use of computing experience for consuming, browsing, portability and writing. Further research has led me to the conclusion that it all depends on what you need to use the device for. I think it would be nice to have a choice to carry something lighter to use on-the-go.

What do you think?

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Download iOS 7.1.1 version via iTunes and OTA

The procedure to Download iOs 7.1.1 version is not very difficult, but you need to follow some specific steps in order not to have any surprises! There are two ways to Download iOS 7.1.1 version, via iTunes or Over the Air (OTA). There are not any differences between those two methods, but I personally use the iTunes method.
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Getting Back to Work after Vacations

Getting Back to Work after Vacations is a very difficult thing to do. You can start being as productive as you were by following some of the next steps! This time depends on the period of your vacations, but even a 3-4 days vacation is capable of “ruining” your work routine! Usually, this requires some time, but there are a few steps that can help you to minimize that period!
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Ideas are useless without implementation


An idea, whether good or bad, will always remain just that – a thought – if it is never used. Ideas are useless without a process of implementation!

The ideas floating around in your head might as well be balloons floating away to an unknown destination. If your company needs to implement a new process or procedure, it could be for various reasons. First, the idea of “rolling out” something new can be slightly intimidating; but you can overcome this if you establish the urgency for change.

Keep in mind, no matter what you implement, there is no way to know what will lead to a permanent change or a quick failure. When you introduce something new and start to make a change, several variables around you will also begin to change with it. This could bring other new ideas and issues to the forefront, helping you to push your plan in the right direction. (Hopefully your co-workers will play an essential part in brainstorming and sharing feedback!)
The most successful key to implementing change is involving your employees with every step along the way. When you allow your employees to provide feedback regarding the new changes, they can help you discover ways to improve upon that change, increasing its chances of implementation and becoming a success. Employee feedback also gives the employees a sense of importance, as they will feel like they contributed and made a difference. Welcoming their feedback helps the process run smoothly: they will back a shared plan for the overall good of the team.
Most importantly, as a member of management, it is your responsibility to provide employee performance reviews to measure goals and rewards. The only way to do this is to clearly state your expectations through defined tasks and set goals. The newly implemented plans should help each employee to meet their goals.


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